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NEWS: for Bitcoin you can select 2019-02-04for optimal forecast window,

 For Euro-Dolar use  2020-05-26

For USD dolar use 2020-03-05

For EURO dolar use 2020-06-26

If you want to learn for other financial instruments optimal forecast please write on Forum

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You can find other stocks only inculuding  “.IS”  to the end of the name of the stock.


Easy-Finance gives you quick access to all finance data and forecasts for the intra day and next day. Three models appear in the application. The first model is obtained by expecting that the intra day and next day will have a declining trend or slope. The second model is obtained with signals that the intraday and next day will have a rising trend or slope. The third model provides its forecasts with the assumption that the intraday and next day has a no tendcy to change much or 10 or 1 hour later forecast. We can call it minumum value at that day,maximum value at that day and standard normal, respectively. In addition, if you think that the market dynamics have changed while obtaining the forecasts, you can choose a short date for the predictions of the model from the date section. In this sense, easy finance is an application that will help you follow the market and make the right decisions. Easy Finance uses Yahoo Finance codes to process data.

Finance  Data  codes

EURUSD=x   : gives Euro-Dollar forecasts

USDTRY=X   : gives Dollar forecasts

YM=F    : Futures market forecasts

CL=F : Crude Oil Forecast

Gold : Gold forecasts

SI=F : Silver forecast

^TNX : Treasury Ten year bond

^VIX : Risk aversion or liquidity index forecast

BTC-USD Bitcoin Forecast

SPY : Stock prices





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